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Level 6 - Stroke Refinement

Aquatics / American Red Cross Swim Lessons -
2021 Winter-Spring

(40 minute lesson) Level 6 refines the strokes so students swim them with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Level 6 is designed with “menu” options that focus on preparing students for more advanced courses, such as the Water Safety Instructor (WSI) course, or other aquatic activities such as competitive swimming. Each option also includes applicable water safety topics. We offer the Personal Water Safety and Fitness Swimmer options.

Exit Skills: Swim 500 yards continuously using any 3 strokes of your choice, swimming at least 50 yards of each stroke. 

  • Personal Water Safety: Jump into deep water, perform a survival float for 5 minutes, roll onto back and perform back float for 5 minutes and swim 20 yards, perform at feet first surface dive, retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool at depth of 7-10 feet, return to the surface and swim 20 yards back to the starting point. 
  • Fitness Swimmer: Perform the Cooper 12 minute swim test and compare results with pre-assessment results.
  • Fundamentals of Diving: From a 1-meter diving board, students will learn how to perform a two-part take off with feet first entry, two-part takeoff with headfirst entry as well as tuck and pike dives.

 C H A N G E S   D U E   to   C O V I D 

  • The only people allowed in the pool during lessons will be the students and the parent who will be in the water with them. No additional adults or additional children will be allowed.
9006-SP2-1100-FS Closed
Delano High School : Pool
Saturdays, Apr 10 - May 22
11:00 - 11:40 AM


Min Age   6 yr.

Price: $ 59 00

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