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About Gymnastics

Tiger Gymnastics is led by Delano High School Varsity Head Coach, Jamie Greenberg. Tiger Gymnastics has five levels (listed below). Classes are structured for ages 4 and up. We will focus on strength, coordination, flexibility, and fun as we learn new skills in a safe, caring environment!

If your child is new to Tiger Gymnastics or was not enrolled in the previous session, they will need to be evaluated before being allowed to register for the following levels: Intermediate, Advanced, or Masters. Gymnasts do not need to be assessed to register for the Tumble Time or Beginner levels.

Your child will be able to ride their regular bus from the Elementary & Intermediate Schools to the High School for Winter Session #2 and Spring Session (3:15 pm classes only). Please note that buses #1-6, 9, and 17 go to the Community Education Center or other various locations to drop off students before going to the High School. Your child will need to provide the driver a note each day they are attending gymnastics if they are getting off of their bus at the High School. The note for the bus driver is for your child’s safety and to ensure they are getting off of their bus in the correct location.

(Notes for the drivers will be emailed to registered participants with a valid email address on file with Community Education).

Community Education will have a gymnastics coach by door #11 to meet the students and bring them to the gym. More detailed information about this process will be sent out to registered participants with a valid email address one week before the session starts. Participants must have a valid email address on file with Community Education to receive this information.

Tumble Time, Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, and Masters

  • Winter Session #2 Gymnastics will open up on Tuesday, February 18th at 12:00 am.
  • Spring Session Gymnastics will open up on Monday, April 13th at 12:00 am.