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About Gymnastics

Tiger Gymnastics is led by Delano High School Varsity Head Coach Jamie Greenberg. Tiger Gymnastics has five levels (listed below). Classes are structured for ages 4 years old and up. We will focus on strength, coordination, flexibility, and fun as we learn new skills in a safe, caring environment!


Tumble Time: This class is for 4 and 5-year-olds that are not yet in Kindergarten. In this class, your child will learn the basics of gymnastics while improving their coordination and flexibility. Community Education and the Gymnastics Staff ask that Tumble Time Parents remain in the gym during their child’s class session.

Beginners: This class is for students in Kindergarten or a higher grade during the 2023-24 school year. Gymnasts will learn the basics of gymnastics. The Coaching Staff will teach the basics of cartwheels, pullovers, board approaches, and beam basics. Beginners' classes are one hour long. Gymnasts at this level are recommended to register for one class per week.

Intermediate: Gymnasts will expand on the basics and move on to more complex skills. The Coaching Staff will teach participants the skills to perform walkovers, glides, pop-ups, turns, and cartwheels on the beam. This class is two hours long. Gymnasts at this level are recommended to register for 1 - 2 classes per week.

Advanced: Gymnasts will learn handsprings, squat-ons, flatbacks, and gain confidence on high beams. Advanced classes are two-hour classes. Gymnasts at this level are recommended to register for 2 - 3 classes per week.

Masters: We will advance your gymnastics skills even further. Masters participants will be taught tumbling, kips, and handsprings. Masters classes are two-hour classes. Gymnasts at this level are recommended to register for 2-3 classes per week.

For the safety of your athlete and the gymnastics staff, gymnasts must wear a leotard and spandex shorts with their hair in a ponytail. Tighter-fitting shirts and shorts will work as well. Please, no crop tops or sports bras.

Special Note: For the safety of our gymnasts, staff, and spectators, Delano Community Education asks that parents, siblings, and other spectators remain in the bleachers during your child’s gymnastics session. We appreciate having spectators in the gym to watch our gymnastics classes, and we appreciate your cooperation in respecting this request!


Is your child new to Tiger Gymnastics, or were they not enrolled in the previous gymnastics session? If so, your child must be evaluated before registering for the Intermediate, Advanced, or Masters programs. The evaluation ensures participants have the skills needed to succeed in these levels. Gymnasts do not need to be evaluated to register for the Tumble Time or Beginner levels.

Upcoming Evaluation Nights:

Evaluations are by appointment only. Please contact Jamie Greenberg at or Chris Runke at to schedule an evaluation for Intermediate, Advanced, or Masters program placement.

A parent/guardian must stay in the gym while the evaluation is taking place (evaluations will be brief).