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  • Delano Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball

    > girls, grades 4-11 Registration is now open for the Delano Junior Olympic (JO) Volleyball program! Notifications were sent to athletes that participated in the earlier tryout sessions, letting them know what level to register for this season. If your athlete was instructed to register for a higher level than their current grade, you need to contact Community Education or email Chris Runke at to register due to our software registration limitations. Health & Safety Information All participants must complete an at-home self-check using the following form, Home Screening Tool for COVID-19 Symptoms.pdf, before attending tryouts. If your child looks ill, they will be sent home by JO Volleyball staff. As required by Executive Order 20-81 and 20-103, everyone 5-years-of-age or older, that enters any District Building is required to wear a face-covering. Participants are required to wear a face-covering at all times while in the building, including during practices and games. Participants will need to bring a water bottle and their hand sanitizer to practices and games. These items should be clearly labeled with their name.